404 Kimya ve Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.

Our R&D activities have a significant place in our company's success since its foundation. R&D department whose practices focus on product development and increasing the existing product quality, have contributed and continue to contribute to 404 company's power.

Our policy is to take shape within the frame of the proceeding technology and changing consumer needs. World market is followed as well as the Turkish and

European markets and the most suitable product for the market is developed with regards to fulfill the consumer needs.

Our R&D practices launched as of 2011 are taken into the scope of TUBITAK project and managed coordinately with TUBITAK.

We as the young and dynamic team of 404 R&D department, in which development and research studies are performed for the existing products, are working with passion and excitement. R&D is planning to enter 2017 with plenty of new products of prospective endeavor and maintain its modernist mission in Turkish market.