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820 GR Gunned Valves Pu Foam

404 PU Foam is a general-purpose aerosol polyurethane foam that can be used with a special application gun and cured by dilating with moisture. It has high efficiency and comfortable application qualities. It is assembled easily and in a solid way without any need for nail or screw in the assembly of window and door frames. Because of gun application, it provides a high-quantity efficiency and economic utilization, it also enables foam output in time, in a controlled and easy way.

Product Features and Application Area

• In the montage and isolation of door and window frames.
• In the filling and isolation of pores, large cracks and holes.
• Providing heat and noise isolation.
• In the isolation of electric installation, hot and cold water pipes.
• As a general purpose filling, adhesive and insulator material.

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820 GR