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Liquid Grease

404 liquid greases; Thanks to its superior gripping ability, it is produced for all types of '' Roller '', '' Gear '' '' sliding or fixed bearings'. Prevents friction and abrasion in all moving parts. The lubrication film layer formed is also resistant to '' high pressure conditions '', '' water '', ''salty water '', '' dilute acids '' and '' low alkalines''. It is frictional resistance of moving parts.

Product Features and Application Area

- Increases the friction resistance of moving parts and delay or prevent malfunction.
- With its high quality lengthening lubrication intervals, reduces maintenance cost.
- Even when used in high speed and moving parts, there is no leap and no flow.
- In addition to being suitable for use with all plastic materials, displays a "Neutral" behavior on painted floors.
- It does not contain silicone, resin or acid. Usable between -10° C and +170 °C. Instant +200 ° C resistance is possible.

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500 ML